Software Downloads

FTI Forming Suite is now available for download from the MSC Solution Download Center (SDC) only. The SDC uses personalized accounts that provide each customer with exactly what they have licensed.

The access to the SDC has been provided to the contact named in the license certificate as technical contact. The login data was provided by e-mails send from or, either at your last maintenance / lease renewal or some years before. If you do not have your login data, please use the password finder provided at the login page of the SDC. If you do not receive a password back please contact us at we will check whom of your company is registered in the SDC. 

Access to the SDC can and must be managed by the customer himself. In particular, the contact person set up by us can and should set up access to download for other employees of the company. E-mail preferences, download and administrator permissions can be set.

Visit the Solution Download Center at