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There are several reasons why this problem may occur: 

  1. If you don't have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package installed on the server, the server daemon (FTI.exe) won't start. You can download the package here
  2. If you are using an old version of the FTI.exe server daemon or out of date FlexLM utilites, the server may not work. Please contact support for instructions for downloading the latest server license install package. 
  3. If the server name or formingid/hostid/dvsn is incorrect or if the license is expired, the server won't start. You can open the license file with a text editor to check these values. If the server name is incorrect, you can change it with the text editor. If the license codes are incorrect, you will require a new license. 
  4. There is a security feature in Windows called Data Execution Prevention. In some cases, this feature may prevent the license server from starting. If this is the case, the log file may show an error like "Failed to open socket to lmgrd, Exiting" and/or "EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 28 Exit reason 5". To avoid this error, do the following: 
    1. Stop the license service using LMTOOLS or in Windows Services 
    2. Stop any process in Task Manager named lmgrd.exe or FTI.exe 
    3. Start the DEP program from Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance Settings > Data Execution Prevention. 
    4. Add an exception for lmgrd.exe and FTI.exe where the license manager is installed 
    5. Restart the service 
  5. Make sure that all the licensing files are in the same folder and that you have full control over the folder and the files. Ideally, the folder should be on the same drive as the operating system (typically the C: drive). Some problems have been reported when the folder has the same name as the daemon (FTI) so a different name should be used. 

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