Transfer Curves

1-Day Course

Transfer Curves
Learn the development, generation, and use of transfer/interference curves for both tri-axis and crossbar systems. Also included is the influence that transfer curves have upon both the process planning and die design phases. Students will be challenged with exercises to verify the transfer of a part in a die operation.

1.0 Die/ Press Movement Relationship 
1.1 Understanding Relative Motions 
1.2 Mechanical and Servo Driven Transfer Systems 
1.3 Actual Interference Curves 
1.4 Relative Interference Curves 

2.0 Construction of Transfer Curves 
2.1 Development and Generation of Tri-axis Curves 
2.2 Calculations Associated with Curve Generation 

3.0 Die Design Considerations with the use of Transfer Curves 
3.1 The Effects of Actual Interference Curves with Lower Dies 
3.2 The Effects of Relative Interference Curves with Upper Dies 
3.3 Curve Interaction 

4.0 Process Planning Considerations with Transfer Presses 
Transfer Mechanisms and Automation Systems  
4.2 Process Requirements for Transfer Systems 
4.3 Die Requirements for Transfer Systems 

5.0 Tri-Axis and Cross-Bar Transfer 
Differences Between Tri-axis & Crossbar Systems 
5.2 Cross-bar Transfer Curves 
5.3 Process Planning Opportunities for Cross-Bar Transfer

Who should attend?
Tooling Supervisors, Process, Manufacturing and Tooling Engineers, Tool and Die Makers and Plant Welding Personnel