Surface Contour Evaluation for Class “A” Panels

1-Day Course

Surface Contour Evaluation for Class A Panels

This course will provide an understanding of the process and procedure for evaluating surface contour and reflectivity on Class “A” panels. Also included will be trouble shooting methods for counter measuring panel defects.

Course Outline:  

1.0 Evaluating Surface Contour  1.1 Customer Evaluation and Expectations
1.2 How Surface Contour is Evaluated
1.3 Geometry Terminology 
1.4 Summary 

2.0 Understanding Reflect Lines 2.1 The Purpose of reflect lines 
2.2 Guidelines for Evaluating Reflect Lines 
2.3 Defects  
2.4 Summary 

3.0 How to Address Surface Imperfections on Panels
3.1 Product and Process Requirements
3.2 Determining the Cause of Surface Imperfections 
3.3 Countermeasures to Address Surface Defects 
3.4 Summary 

4.0 Glossary 4.1 Glossary 

5.0 Classroom Exercises 
Exercise 1: Countermeasures for Surface Imperfections 
Exercise 2: Evaluating the Surface of a Panel 

Who should attend?
Die Process Engineers, Stamping Plant Tool and Die Engineers, Tool and Die Supervisors, Assembly Plant BIW Engineers, and Manufacturing Quality Operations.