Stamping of Aluminum Panels

1-Day Course

Stamping of Aluminium Panels
Learn the differences in formability and manufacture of aluminum stampings in comparison to steel stampings. This course provides an overview of the mechanical properties of the various alloys, product design guidelines, and the manufacturing/tooling conditions which must be considered to ensure quality production of Aluminum Stampings. It is primarily focused on stampings produced from 5xxx and 6xxx series alloys.  

Course Outline:  

1.0 Overview of Aluminum Vehicles 1.1 Driving Force for Aluminum Stampings 
1.2 Lightweighting with Aluminum
1.3 Summary 

2.0 Overview of Aluminum 
Aluminum vs. Steel 
2.2 Aluminum Alloys 
2.3 Automotive Aluminum Grades 
2.4 Summary 

3.0 Aluminum Characteristics 
3.1 Cost 3.2 Strength Related Properties 
3.3 Stiffness Considerations 
3.4 Formability Related Properties 
3.5 Aluminum vs. Steel Examples 
3.6 Surface Considerations 
3.7 Summary 

4.0 Manufacturing Considerations 
4.1 Packaging, Handling and Transportation 
4.2 Blanking, Destacking, and Blank Washing 
4.3 Forming 
4.4 Forming Defects 
4.5 Trimming, Flanging, and Hemming 
4.6 Aluminum Panel Case Studies 
4.7 Summary

Who should attend?
Product, Tooling, and Manufacturing Engineers, Designers, Tool and Die Makers involved in the design or production of aluminum stampings.


Upcoming Training  Sessions  

Basic Formability – 3 days
November 9-11, 2020 - ONLINE 

Stamping of Aluminum Panels – 1 day
November 12, 2020 - ONLINE 

Welding Defect Analysis- 2 days
December 2-3, 2020 - ONLINE

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