Stamping Material Cost Optimization

8- Hour Course

Stamping Material Cost Optimization
The purpose of this course is to provide various approaches to driving down material costs of a stamping through design & process optimization. It will include the methodology for identifying critical design points that determine the material requirements and utilization. Suggestions for Transfer and Progressive die operations will be included. Exercises will challenge participants to generate and evaluate cost savings ideas for their own parts. 

Course Outline:  

1.0 Key Points of Material Costs 
1.1 Material Costs Relationship to Stamping Costs 
1.2 Effect of Material Parameters on Cost 
1.3 Processing Concepts 
1.4 Critical Material Utilization Points 

2.0 Design Solutions to Drive Down Material Costs 
Radii Optimization 
2.2 Flange Modification Methods 
2.3 Reverse Part Design
2.4 Optimizing Material Selection
2.5 Tailor Welded Blanks 2.6 Optimization of Product Features
2.7 Short Sheeting Draw Operations
3.0 Optimizing the Addendum Material 3.1 Material Allowances for Progressive Dies
3.2 Material Cost Optimization for Progressive Dies
3.3 Material Allowances for Transfer Dies
3.4 Material Cost Optimization for Transfer Dies

Who should attend?
All Product Designers and Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Tool & Die Makers, Sales Engineers and Purchasing personnel.