Stamping Fundamentals for Press Shop Operators

1-Day Course

Stamping Fundamentals for Press Shop Operators
Learn the fundamentals for understanding the components and function of the press and die. You will learn the how a press and die work and how to interpret the stamping produced. This course will provide skills to evaluate panels for stamping defects and suggest potential countermeasures.  

Course Outline:  

1.0 Press Fundamentals 
Press Terminology 
Explanation of press components, press-related die components and press-related manufacturing components 
1.2 Types of Presses 
Explanation of how mechanical and hydraulic presses work 
1.3 Types of Press Automation 
Explanation of overhead feeds, tri-axis and crossbar transfer systems 

2.0 Die Fundamentals 
2.1 Die Terminology and Components  
Explanation of common types terminology to describe die components  
2.2 Types of Stamping Dies 
Explanation of the main die types and how the operations are performed with reference to timing 
2.2 Die Sensors 
Explanation of the different types of die sensors and the typical sensor problems 

3.0 Stamping Panels 
3.1 Defects on Stamping 
  Detailed Review of the types of defects that are typically found on outer panels, inner panels and underbody components  
Group Exercise: To Identify Markings on a Part

Who should attend?
All types of Press Shop Operators.