Stamping & Material Utilization Guidelines for Designers

1-Day Course

Stamping and Material Utilization Guidelines
The objective of this course is to understand the guidelines for designing formable, material efficient stampings. This course provides many examples of experienced based rules that result in fewer engineering changes and panels with less scrap and higher material utilization. It also includes detailed breakdowns on the common methods of how blanks are nested for higher yield ratios. This is an essential course for any Product Designer/Engineer that is involved with the design process of outer and inner panels at an OEM or Tier I level.  

Course Outline:  

1.0 Design Guidelines for Stampings 
1.1 Guidelines for Body Outer Components- Class A 
1.1.1 Hood Outer 
1.1.2 Door Outer 
1.1.3 Deck Lid Outer 
1.1.4 Front Fender Outer 
1.1.5 Liftgate Outer  
1.1.6 Rear Body Outer 
1.1.7 Bodyside Outer 
1.2 Guidelines for Body Inner Components- Class B 
1.2.1 Guidelines for Parts with Flanges  
1.2.2 Guidelines for Parts without Flanges 
1.2.3 Guidelines for Heavy Gage Components Guidelines for Deep Drawn Components 

2.0 Preferred Methods and Guidelines for Improving Material Utilization 
2.1 Overview of Cut-off Dies  
2.2 Material Utilization Guidelines for Class A Panels 
2.3 Material Utilization Guidelines for Inner Components 

Who should attend?
Product Designers, Product Engineers, Process & Manufacturing Engineers, Managers, and anyone with responsibility for Formability & Material Utilization.

Upcoming Training  Sessions  

Basic Formability – 3 days
November 9-11, 2020 - ONLINE 

Stamping of Aluminum Panels – 1 day
November 12, 2020 - ONLINE 

Welding Defect Analysis- 2 days
December 2-3, 2020 - ONLINE

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