Estimating Stampings & Engineering Changes

1-Day Course

Estimated Stampings and Engineering Changes
Learn the fundamentals for estimating the Material Blank Requirements, Tooling Costs and Engineering Changes for stampings. This course will provide examples of how to determine the material requirements and the preferred blank shapes for outer and inner panels. Methods and formulas for determining piece price and tooling costs will be provided. This course will also cover how to review, evaluate, and estimate typical Engineering Changes. 

Course Outline:  

1.0 An Overview of Stamping Estimating  
Preparing a quotation 
1.2 Selecting a Press Type or Process 

2.0 Material Utilization 
Determining the Blank Shape 
2.2 Preferred Blank Shapes for Outer Panels 
2.3 Preferred Blank Shapes for Inner Panels 

3.0 Estimating the Cost of Stamping the Component  
An Overview of the Factors that Affect Stamping Pricing 
Exercise: Stamping Cost Comparison of Typical Production Methods 
Exercise: Determining the Piece Price for a Part Produced from Manual Dies 
Exercise: Determining the Piece Price for a Part Produced from Transfer Dies 

4.0 Cost Estimating Tooling 
4.1 Determining the Cost of Tooling 
4.2 Estimating Tooling Development Time (Lead Time) 
4.3 Tooling Buy-off 
4.4 An Overview of Soft Die Development 

5.0 Costing Engineering Changes 
5.1 Estimating Changes to the Pierce Punch 
5.2 Evaluating Cam Piercing Changes 
5.3 Evaluating the Complexity of a Shape Change 
5.4 Estimating Times for Different Building Tasks 
5.5 Review of Engineering Change Estimate 
5.6 Typical Tool Shop Charges 

Who should attend?
Cost and Tooling Estimators, Stamping Buyers, Engineers & Managers, Purchasing, and Die Follow-up Personnel