Die Design Fundamentals for Transfer and Progressive Dies

2-Day Course

Die Design Fundamentals for Transfer and Progressive Dies
Learn the inputs, concepts and requirements for design of dies for Transfer & Progressive Die Line-ups. This course provides the thought process & work flow for how a die design is established and the items to consider for building dies internally or sourcing to an outside supplier. Examples of how to ensure the design utilizes necessary die standards, press standards, production requirements & on-going maintenance will be provided. 

Course Outline 

1.0 Overview of Die Design 
1.1 Completed Die Design Package 
1.2 Die Design Terminology 
1.3 Types of Dies 
1.4 Building Dies Internally 
1.5 Sourcing Die Build to an Outside Supplier 
1.6 Summary 

2.0 Die Design Considerations 
General Die Construction &Materials 
2.2 Required Inputs to Die Design 
2.3 Press and Automation Requirements  
2.4 Using and Accessing Die Standards 
2.5 Panel or Part Set-Up 
2.6 Designing with Maintenance in Mind 
2.7 Die Design Checklist and Buyoff 
2. 8 Summary
3.0 Design Details for Transfer Dies
Draw Die Design 
3.2 Trim and Pierce Die Design 
3.3 Form and Flange Die Design 
3.4 Cam Die Design 
3.5 Summary 

4.0 Design Details for Progressive Dies 
4.1 Overview of Progressive Die Design 
4.2 Gutting and Pierce Stations 
4.3 Draw and Form Stations 
4.4 Cam Pierce, Trim and Form Stations 
4.5 Idle and Cutoff Stations 
4.6 Other Considerations for Progressive Die Design 
4.7 Summary 

Who should attend?
Tool Follow-up Engineers, Process Engineers, Tooling Supervisors, Process & Manufacturing and Engineers, Tool and Die Makers, Die Designers and Apprentices and those interested in the basic understanding of die design.