Virtual Prove Out Analysis Simulation for Sheet Metal Stamping

FTI FASTIncremental is a user-friendly, 3D explicit incremental analysis solution that provides a complete virtual die development and try-out for tool and die makers.

FTI FASTIncremental provides a detailed solution for validating tooling designs and process parameters prior to cutting dies. It requires no simulation background and offers many advanced features such as automatic blank shape and trim line development, automatic process setup, gravity loading, and binder simulation.

FTI FASTIncremental utilizes both Hexagon’s Dytran non-linear, transient dynamic, 3D explicit solver and Hexagon’s Coupled Hybrid Inverse (CHI) solver for fast accurate results. It enables engineers to accurately predict the stresses and deformations experienced by the metal, determines if the metal will fail, eliminates formability guess work, and results in substantial reduction in die tryout time and rework.

It accurately identifies safety zone, FLD, material thinning, gathering conditions, major/minor strain, springback and provides compensation data.

Blank Size can be determined from part geometry or iterated to using an embedded optimization loop.

FASTlncremental Brochure