Create a documented process plan for transfer, tandem, and progressive dies


FormingSuite® PROCESSPLANNER develops a detailed process plan for quoting from your 3D CAD design. It generates images to detail die actions in each operation which results in increased accuracy and enables a faster quoting process with a scientific physics-based approach to process planning. PROCESSPLANNER calculates minimum press requirements such as tonnage, bed size, shut height, energy, and selects appropriate press. It provides a consistent and repeatable method for estimating tooling costs along with detailed reports for complete documentation. It is an Open Access System that can connect to and populate any internal costing reports or systems.

FormingSuite® PROCESSPLANNER is an interactive environment for creating and documenting process plans based on part features such as flanges, holes and embossments. The process plan describes the processing sequence and the detailed actions in each operation. Processing rules are used to automatically derive an initial plan and fast intuitive
tools enable process customization and optimization. A validation engine ensures that process actions and sequences conform to physical, mechanical, and standard processing rules.


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