Fast and Accurate Blank Shape Development and Flange Unfolding for use in strip layouts

BLANKWORKS provides SOLIDWORKS users with a fully integrated, fast, and accurate method for developing optimal blank shapes and lay flats. BLANKWORKS can also be used to develop geometry for intermediate stations in a strip layout. It accounts for material stretch and deformation of sheet metal and is specifically designed for cost estimators, engineers, account managers and tool and die designers.
Develops accurate blank shapes and unfolds flanges based on material properties accounting for stretch and deformation within SOLIDWORKS. BLANKWORKS scientific physics-based approach eliminates guess work and results in substantial reduction of trials required during prove-out stage. 

- Accurately identifies material thinning and gathering conditions
- Consistent and repeatable method for estimating material for blank shape
- Automatically generates a report with weight, area, perimeter, and minimum bounding rectangle


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