FTI Announces Release of FormingSuite 2021

12 March 2021
Forming Technologies (FTI), part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, today announced the worldwide release of the FormingSuite 2021.  Designed for sheet metal cost estimators, design engineers, tooling designers, and advanced planning engineers in the automotive, aerospace, consumer product and electronics industries, this release introduces numerous enhancements that ensure the best quality results and performance for all users.

Demand for utilizing FTI expertise in quoting and estimating tooling for sheet metal components has resulted in powerful enhancements and functionalities to the FormingSuite line of products.  FormingSuite 2021 will introduce 3D addendum creation and the detailed feature length method for cost estimation of Line Dies (Transfer and Tandem dies).  These features will help improve cost estimation accuracy for deep drawn components by accurately representing the drawn shell coming from the draw die.  This gives cost engineers confidence in their estimates for blank size and weight in the early planning stage as well as giving more details needed for precise process planning.

Trim line development tools have been implemented to accurately unfold flanges, hems, and extrusions onto the 3D Addendum geometry.  This allows design, process, and manufacturing engineers to evaluate trim conditions and determine for each point on the trim curve if it’s possible to trim in the given die tip direction.  

Fast and accurate speed-of-use enhancements have been added to reduce effort and time when creating a process plan.  These enhancements include symmetry options for multiple functions. FormingSuite 2021 also improves stamping feature recognition, process generation, process validation, simplifies process editing and produces better-quality reports.

“FTI is the industry standard for automotive costing engineers and it’s our top priority to help our customers increase their efficiency, throughput, reduce material costs and assess design for manufacturability for stamped components,” says Jessica Zheng, VP, Global Business Development at Forming Technologies.  FormingSuite 2021 is now easier to use and richer in features than ever before and addresses critical challenges throughout the vehicle development process.  By using FormingSuite earlier in this process, OEMs and suppliers can discover quality, cost, or design for manufacturability issues when it’s less expensive for them to resolve.

FormingSuite 2021 is now available for customers from FTI’s website forming.com.
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