Forming Technologies Releases FormingSuite 2017

29 November 2016
FS 2017
Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI) the industry’s leading developer of solutions for design, simulation, planning and costing of sheet metal components, today announced the worldwide release of FormingSuite 2017. Aimed at all sheet metal forming and costing engineers, designers, and estimators in the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Product and Electronics industries, the main objective of FormingSuite 2017 is to introduce new leading edge technologies to stamping simulation and to provide continuous improvement and simplification to all users in a unified collaborative environment. 

“In keeping with FTI’s commitment to intuitive, user-friendly design, several enhancements have been made to simplify the workflow and reduce the number of steps required to complete a study” said Derek Peeling, Vice President of Engineering. “By engaging our clients in the development process, not only have we created products designed for them, but by them as well, and our team takes great pride in continuously improving our clients’ productivity, process, and bottom line “. 

FormingSuite 2017 further builds on the capabilities of our new multi-part geometry environment with the addition of tailor welded blank definition and support for double attaching within Process Planner. New capabilities both in formability simulation and process planning focus on handling more complex situations. New tools for visualizing die impact lines play a vital role in analyzing formability of class A panels, while the automatic trimming and blank size capability in Fast Incremental now develops holes and cut-outs in addition to the outer trim and blank shape. Additional productivity improvements include the ability to export the LS-DYNA input deck for solving off-line in a dedicated cluster environment and for reading completed solutions back into FormingSuite. The new symmetry constraint produces solutions nearly twice as fast as before. Throughout the software and particularly in Process Planner, FTI has added more intelligence to the software to help users avoid timely errors and difficult processing situations. This has been achieved through increased automation and more intensive feedback from the engineering team during problem detection. Process summary displays have been enhanced to provide clearer process visualization along with more information related to specific features. 

 “This release provides the first version of the new XML-based reporting strategy in the Forming workbench. This new approach will generate reports that are smaller, faster and more customizable while simplifying the installation process” adds Peeling.