Articles and Customer Stories

Streamlining Tool Costing and Process Planning

Over six decades, Flex-N-Gate has established itself as a major player in the global automotive industry, specializing in the manufacture and supply of large stamped metal and welded components, assemblies, and plastic parts.

Automotive Die Redesigned and Reshored

Boehm Pressed Steel, a Cleveland, OH-area die shop and metalformer, recently accomplished a feat that so many North American metalformers seek: redevelop and redesign an offshore-developed stamping die and process supplying parts to a North American automotive OEM, so that the work returns to North America.

Design for Manufacturability

It's the little things that snowball into so much trouble. It could be a bend angle, hole location, or tolerance callout. A drawing comes in the door, and after one look, tooling personnel know the part won't make it through the stamping press at the specified tolerance.

Honda R&D Utilizes CATFORM

At a recent CATIA Operators Exchange Conference & TechniFair, Dan Turk, P.E., Senior Systems Engineer at Honda Research & Development Americas in Raymond, OH, USA. His presentation, entitled “CATIA Based CAE at Honda R&D Americas”, focused on the activities related to the Acura MDX Luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). 

Software Slashes Automotive Costs

Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers needed to reduce waste of raw materials to keep up with the increasingly competitive vehicle marketplace. With 70% of the price of a vehicle spent on raw materials, more efficient product design is the key to reducing costs.