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September, 2022

Learn the Differences in Formability and Manufacture of Aluminum Stampings in Comparison to Steel Stampings

Online, 27 September

Learn the inputs, concepts and requirements for design of dies for Transfer & Progressive Die Line-ups

Online, 28 September NOT oneDayEvent with HIDE time - 29 September

October, 2022

Learn the thought process and objectives of die tryout & buyoff for draw dies, trim/pierce dies, flange and cam dies & progressive dies

Online, 18 October NOT oneDayEvent with HIDE time - 19 October

November, 2022

Provides a Detailed Review of the Decisions & Strategy for Processing a Part in Transfer or Progressive Dies

Online, 01 November NOT oneDayEvent with HIDE time - 02 November

December, 2022

Learn the fundamentals for estimating the Material Blank Requirements, Tooling Costs and Engineering Changes for stampings

Online, 05 December

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