I always get an error message after clicking Ok in the BLANKWORKS® property manager. What's wrong?

This error is often the result of incorrect iges export settings. BLANKWORKS® requires surfaces for creating the mesh so if SOLIDWORKS® is set to export only wireframe data, it won't work. To fix the problem, select File/SaveAs and change the file filter to *.iges. Press the Options button and make sure it is set to export surface data and not just wireframe.
The problem may also be caused by a problem with the permissions on the temporary folder used by BlankWorks. The folder may be Program Files\BlankWorks\Temp or Temp\BlankWorks. You can check the location by looking in the registry under HKLM/Software/FTI/BlankWorks/4.2.0/Configuration. Verify that you have full permissions to this folder (read/write/modify).

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