The Most Accurate Blank Development Tool for Estimators and Tooling Engineers in Pro/ENGINEER

  • Consistently reduces material cost and number of trials in the blank die tryout stage
  • Accurately identifies material thinning and gathering conditions
  • Ideal for cost estimating
  • Automatically generates a report for accurate quoting and estimating
  • Identify formability issues early in the product design phase


  • Fast and accurate blank shape generation
  • Capable of accurately unfolding specific features such as flanges while preserving surrounding geometry
  • Graphical display of material thinning and gathering, addresses initial product and process feasibility
  • Automatic finite element mesh generation
  • HTML-based report generation summarizes the process and provides valuable engineering data for quoting and estimating
  • FTI's proven Coupled Hybrid Inverse (CHI) solver correctly accounts for bend allowances even with non-linear bends
  • Extremely simple user interface fully integrated into Pro/ENGINEER WILDFIRE 4.0

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