What can I do if my graphics aren't showing up properly?

Graphics problems are uncommon and are typically related to the video card and/or drivers.

If your graphics aren't showing up properly, try decreasing your hardware acceleration settings.  Open the Control Panel > Display > Settings Tab > Advanced  > Troubleshooting and use the slider to turn the hardware acceleration settings down.  Generally you should decrease the hardware acceleration to none to see if the problem goes away. Then try increasing it gradually. For best performance, use the highest setting that will still display the graphics correctly.

Alternatively, try updating the drivers for your video card.

Note to laptop users: If you laptop is equipped with dual video cards (eg nVidia discrete video and Intel integrated graphics), try disabling the integrated video card and only utilizing the discrete video. nVidia uses a system called Optimus to control this. In this case, disable the Optimus technology via the BIOS settings.

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