How can I create a silent installation for FormingSuite®?

Note: these instructions have been tested on Windows 7 with FormingSuite® 2014

The standard FormingSuite® installation package was created using InstallShield. InstallShield does support silent installations and uninstallations.

To create and deploy FormingSuite® silently, do the following:

  1. Record a silent install response file by running the installation package from the command prompt with the /r switch (ex. fsinstall.exe /r /f1C:\TEMP\fsinstall.iss). The /f1 switch can be used to set the fully qualified path and file name (no special characters) to the response file. If the /f1 switch is not used, the file will be called setup.iss and will be located in the C:\Windows folder. The resulting response file can be edited via a text editor.
  2. Before installing the software silently on the client machine, make sure that the required Visual C++ redistributable is installed. For example, FS 2013 requires the latest Visual C++ 2008 redistributable and FS 2014 requires the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable. These redists can be downloaded from the microsoft web site and can also be installed silently.
  3. To install FormingSuite®, run the installation program with the /s and /f1 switches. The /f2 switch can also be used to define the fully qualified path to a log file. For example fsinstall.exe /s /f1C:\TEMP\fsinstall.iss /f2C:\TEMP\fsinstall.log.
  4. If there is a problem, check the log file for result codes. The following list summarizes common result codes:
    • 0 Success
    • -1 General error
    • -2 Invalid mode
    • -3 Required data not found in the Setup.iss file
    • -4 Not enough memory available
    • -5 File does not exist
    • -6 Cannot write to the response file
    • -7 Unable to write to the log file
    • -8 Invalid path to the InstallShield Silent response file
    • -9 Not a valid list type (string or number)
    • -10 Data type is invalid
    • -11 Unknown error during setup
    • -12 Dialogs are out of order
    • -51 Cannot create the specified folder
    • -52 Cannot access the specified file or folder
    • -53 Invalid option selected


  1. You can add the /sms switch if the silent install is being run from within another installation routine to force the parent routine to pause while the child installer is running.

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