Sculptured Die Face

A Sculpting Approach to Creating and Morphing Addendum and Binder Geometry resulting in a Fast, Flexible, and Visual Approach to Die Face Design

  • Develop a full die face or draw development model in minutes
  • Create first-form draw models for accurate material cost estimates for drawn panels
  • Determine impact of developing flanges on punch face, die face, or binder
  • Optimize press axis direction for minimizing undercut or draw depth while analyzing trim conditions, draft angle and undercuts
  • Construct complex, developable curved binder geometry using a variety of powerful, industry driven approaches
  • Accurately develop trim lines for flange, hem and extrusion geometry onto die surfaces
  • Export surface data for use in COSTOPTIMIZER, ProcessPlanner, or FASTIncremental simulations


Step-by-step wizard guides:
  • Import 3D CAD data and perform Stamping Feature Recognition
  • Die tip (draft angle, minimize draw depth, average normal)
  • Positioning and bridging double attached parts
  • State of the art curved binder generation with morphing and tilting
  • Fill holes and/or notches and optionally use symmetry
  • Create and morph Part Extension (PE) curves
  • Pre-unfold of flanges onto extension, addendum, or binder
  • Develop a full 3D surfaced addendum
  • Evaluate impact of Die Face on Trim Conditions
  • Accurately locate trim lines for subsequent flanging operations

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