FormingSuite is randomly crashing. How can I fix this?

If FormingSuite is crashing at seemingly random moments, it is likely caused by problems with the video drivers for your graphics card. We have recently observed this behavior with certain nVidia Quadro mobile (laptop) video cards. Upgrading to the latest version of the ODE video driver from the card manufacturer's web site will typically resolve the problem.

Typical symptoms related to bad video drivers may include:

  • Crashing while launching
  • Crashing after importing a geometry
  • Crashing when opening file selection dialogs (open, saveas, create report, export, etc)
  • Dialogs opening without any content or all white except ok and cancel buttons
  • Reports containing only solid black images

If you are using a system with dual video cards (ex. Intel Integrated and nVidia dedicated), set the FormingSuite application to use the dedicated video card to ensure best performance.

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