Process Planner

Create a Documented Process Plan with Press Requirements and Costing for Transfer, Tandem, and Progressive Dies

  • Develops a detailed process plan for quoting
  • Generates images to detail die actions in each operation
  • Results in increased accuracy and enables a faster quoting process
  • Scientific physics-based approach to process planning
  • Calculates minimum press requirements such as tonnage, bed size, shut height, energy, and selects appropriate press
  • Consistent and repeatable method for estimating tooling costs with detailed reports
  • Open Access System that can connect and populate any internal costing reports


  • Uses information from FASTBLANK®, BLANKNEST®, and PROGNEST® to define operations sequence such as forming, peircing, trimming, and cams
  • Complexity (severity) of each operation is considered
  • Accurate prediction of die load and die energy
  • Minimum press requirements such as tonnage, weight, size, shut height are determined
  • Uses industry standardized costing methodologies that can be customized to match your company standards
  • Sensitivity to rates for die construction, machine, design, and material costs
  • Results are provided as hours or cost for the process and for each operation
  • Die layout with scrap plan is generated
  • Detailed reports include summaries, tonnages, sizes, costs break-down per operation, and complete documentation of the process plan

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