The Most Accurate and ONLY Regenerative and Associative Formability Tool to Increase Productivity of Engineers by 70%

  • Identifies 90% of forming feasibility issues within minutes, to substantially reduce financial risks during product development
  • Full associativity and regeneration enable a 70% productivity improvement in Engineering Efficiency in evaluating multiple design and processing scenarios
  • The Feature Tree increases IT efficiency through reduced system management costs by 100%; with no need to track results between iterations


  • The ONLY Regenerative and Associative environment for formability evaluation; simulates multiple processing scenarios in minutes with a regenerative tree
  • Uses the most accurate forming analysis engine and ONLY one for tight radii
  • Accurately predicts feasibility of product geometry, as well as blank size, accounting for material properties, friction, and blankholder forces
  • All Forming Conditions are applied directly to native geometry to simplify use for non specialists
  • Simulation results include safety zones, forming zones, FLD, splitting, thinning, wrinkling, thickening, stress, strain, and optimal blank shape
  • Materials database – populated by common materials; can add your own materials
  • Best in Class Skinning tool to convert from Solid into Skin, based on unique topology tool