The Most Accurate and Advanced Forming Feasibility Solution for Tool Engineers in CATIA

  • Identifies 90% of forming feasibility issues within minutes, to substantially reduce financial risks and draw die development time
  • The most accurate and speedy formability tool from product concept to die design; pinpoint problem root causes, product versus process issues
  • When used as a front end to an incremental, will reduce number of incremental runs from
    25 to 3
  • Determines if a component can be stamped consistently with minimum cost, while fulfilling all product performance requirements
  • Full associativity and regeneration enables a 70% productivity improvement in Engineering Efficiency
  • The CAA enabled CATSTAMP reduces Collaboration Lag (time to communicate a change and obtain feedback), and hence results in 50% less engineering changes, since the analysis is current with the geometry


  • Capitalizes on the seamless integration with native geometry in CATIA
  • Uses the most accurate forming analysis engine and ONLY one for tight radii
  • Accurately predicts feasibility of binder and addendum geometry; full associativity between draw development and part design
  • All Forming Conditions are applied to native geometry to simplify use for non specialists; drawbeads, pressure pads, blank holders, and pilot holes
  • Simulation results include safety zones, forming zones, FLD, splitting, thinning, wrinkling, thickening, stress, strain, and optimal blank shape
  • Tailor welded parts analysis with multiple weld lines
  • Results are stored in CATAnalysis file for PLM integration eliminating multiple files

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