Customer Success Story Files

Oakley Industries, MI, USA, reduces Material Costs for Prototypes and Die Design Try-out Time with the Implementation of FTI's FASTBANK Solution

  • "FASTBLANK has helped us to reduce blank development time, tool tryout time, and material waste. It's an important tool to help us succeed in today's competitive environment." - Michael Oakley, Oakley Industries

Metalúrgica Nakayone reduced weight and costs of the parts produced using FormingSuite

  • "Now our completely automated. software exact excess and allows us to optimize the design which in turn, allows us to reduce the weight and cost.” – Fabio Augusto Pereira da Silva, Metalurgica Nakayone


HYDROFORM USA, Increases Manufacturing Lead Time Efficiency by 50% with the Implementation of Forming Technologies Flat Pattern Solution

  • “The solution from Forming Technologies saves Hydroform USA a minimum of 90% of the time that was associated with geometry development. This impacts the lead time for manufacturing by more than 50% which prevent unnecessary overtime costs to achieve production deadlines." – Julio Araujo, CNC Supervisor Programming and Machining, HYDROFORM USA

Bruning Tecnometal, Brazil, Reduces Material and Working Costs for Stamping Quotes with the Implementation of FTI Costing\Quoting Solutions

  • “We saved more than 5,000 hours a year in the quoting department and the quotes are reliable. The average of materials saved is at least 10%.” - Paulo Roberto Wink, Engenharia Industrial, Bruning Tecnometal

Bruning Tecnometal, Brazil, Reduces Material and Working Costs for Stamping Issues with the Implementation of FTI's FASTFORM Advanced Formability Solution

  • “We got the opportunity to participate intensively during the development stages of the products, analyzing and suggesting changes and improvements after the use of the FASTFORM Advanced, and now BRUNING is not only a supplier, but an active partner.” - Roberto Gomes, Engenharia Industrial, Bruning Tecnometal

BLANKWORKS - Hampson Aerospace Alcester, UK Increases Efficiency by 66% with Implementation of FTI Solution

  • “This solution offers us significant savings in laser time, pressing time and most of all material, as all of our parts are made from stainless steel, hastelloy-x or nimonics." – Jason Hewitt, Manufacturing Projects Engineer, Engineering Office, Hampson Aerospace

COSTOPTIMIZER Advanced - DURA Automotive Systems, MI, USAReduces Material Costs at Part Design with Implementation COSTOPTIMIZER Advanced Solution

  • “COSTOPTIMIZER Advanced”–In one of our programs, we were able to optimize the material usage up to 20%. This was at the initial quoting stage to our customer and we believe that this was a reason why we were awarded the program. -Peter Pelech, Design/Systems Engineer, DURA Automotive Systems Inc.

TOFASTURK OTOMOBIL FABRIKASI A.S (FIAT) reduced Material Costs in the Cost Engineering Department with the implementation of FTI COSTOPTIMIZER Solution

  • “COSTOPTIMIZER”…makes us more credible with suppliers, helps us make more savings in costs and spend less time for analyses.-Mr. Ibrahim, Cost Engineer, Cost Engineering Department. TURGUT, TOFAS, Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.S (Fiat)

COSTOPTIMIZER - Johnson Controls Achieves Instant ROI After Implementation of FTI Costing Solution

  • “The software is recognised in our business as a powerful tool to reduce cost and we will be using it as part of our product launch process for all new programs. We will be using it also to challenge current programs to ensure that the quotes we have been given are representing the actual design." – James Gilmour, Johnson Controls

BLANKWORKS - Woodstock Stampings Inc. Increases Efficiency and Expands Operation After Implementation of FTI Solution

  • “Since the addition of BLANKWORKS our sales have sky rocketed to the point that we have expanded the plant twice in the last 4 years and purchased another 8 presses." – Paul Brock, Cad Operator/Estimator, Woodstock Stampings

FASTBLANK & BLANKNEST - Johnson Controls Saves Millions After Implementation of FTI Solution

  • “We saved $US 5 million per year on piece price alone by utilizing this solution.” - Randy Taylor, Johnson Controls



BLANKNEST - Spartanburg Steel Products Saves Millions After Implementation of Forming Technology Solution

  • “Amazingly, over the six year program, $ 4.2 Million is the Actual Cost Savings being applied to our current automotive program.”  Scott Moore, Spartanburg Steel

FASTFORM Advanced - Electrolux Saves 100 Hours in Process Development and Press Time After Implementation of FTI Solution

  • "By using FASTFORM Advanced, we saved 100 hours of tryout time which enabled us to meet our targeted production date." - Electrolux

FASTBLANK – Accurate Die Design Confirms Blank Results

  • ADD has determined that blank results have been within anywhere from .000" to .010" of the actual blank. Further, having the predicting metal thinning and gathering substantially reduces development time and avoids future problems.


CATFORM - Honda Solves Product Performance & Mfg problems

  • Honda used CATFORM to determine that 12 of the 13 target parts could be formed from high strength steel. The body construction method was set with confidence that the direction would not change due to major formability problems at die trial time.


FASTBLANK – Miric Gains Advantage when Quoting and Estimating

  • With the introduction of new and complex 3D parts, Miric saw a need for FASTBLANK. The implementation has given us the advantage of being able to produce fast and accurate blank shapes when estimating and quoting for the manufacture of new tooling.


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