The Tryout & Buyoff of Dies

2-Day Course

Learn the thought process and objectives of die tryout & buyoff for draw dies, trim/pierce dies, flange and cam dies & progressive dies. You will learn how to troubleshoot panels from each die type and the potential die countermeasures. Also included is a detailed review of the method to verify the dynamic items of die buyoff. Group exercises enable students to evaluate actual panels for quality issues and to brainstorm for die countermeasures.


Tooling Supervisors, Process, Manufacturing and Tooling Engineers, and Tool and Die Makers


1.0 Introduction to Die Tryout & Buyoff

1.1 The Stages of Die Tryout

1.2 Key Issues at Die Buyoff

1.3 Common Quality Defects

1.4 How to Buyoff a Die

2.0 Draw Die Tryout & Buyoff

2.1 An Overview of Draw Die Tryout

2.2 Splits and Thinning on Draw Panels

2.3 Wrinkles on Draw Panels

2.4 Establishing the Binder Pressure Window

2.5 Gauging for Draw Dies

2.6 Dynamic Checklist for Draw Die Buyoff

Exercise: Evaluating a Drawn Part for Defects

3.0 Trim and Pierce Die Tryout & Buyoff

3.1 An Overview of the Trim and Pierce Die Tryout

3.2 Analyzing a Trimmed or Pierced Panel

3.3 Other Concerns in Trim and Pierce Die Tryout

3.4 Dynamic Checklist for Trim Die Buyoff

Exercise: Moving the Trimline

4.0 Flange and Restrike Die Tryout & Buyoff

4.1 An Overview of Flange and Restrike Die Tryout

4.2 Troubleshooting a Panel Made From a Flange Die

4.3 Troubleshooting a Panel Made from a Restrike Die

4.4 Dynamic Checklist for Flange Die Buyoff

Exercise: Evaluating a Finished Part for Defects

5.0 Cam Die Tryout & Buyoff

5.1 An Overview of Cam Die Tryout

5.2 Tryout Concerns for Specific Cam Types

5.3 Dynamic Checklist for Cam Die Buyoff

6.0 Progressive Die Buyoff

6.1 Dynamic Checklist for Progressive Die Buyoff

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