Die Sensor Fundamentals

1-Day Course

This course provides a detailed review of the types, application, and manufacturing issues of die sensors. Many examples of die sensors will be used to illustrate how the selection, die variables, and positioning can effect the overall die performance. Cost effectiveness for low and high volume production will also be discussed. Exercises will require students to determine the type and position of a sensor for a specific function in a die.


Tooling, and Manufacturing Engineers, Designers, Tool and Die Makers.


1.0 Die Sensing for Part and Die Components

1.1 General description of sensors

1.2 Types of sensors and guidelines for sensor selection

1.3 Analogue and Go/No-go Sensors

2.0 Sensor Placement

2.1 Sensor positioning and installation

2.2 Sensor adjustment

2.3 Sensor sensitivity (mapping)

3.0 Press Parameters

3.1 Press control interface

3.2 Methods of wiring and connection

3.3 Junction box types

4.0 Troubleshooting Sensors

4.1 Typical sensor problems

4.2 Sensor protection

5.0 Sensor Considerations

5.1 Sensor cost effectiveness

5.2 New developments

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