Design Guidelines for Welding & Assembly

1-Day Course

Learn the fundamental design guidelines for Welding and Assembly. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the various types of assembly operations and how to ensure the design specified is feasible. Many guidelines for quality manufacture of assemblies are presented.


All types of Product, Process and Tooling Engineers, Product Designers and Body CAD personnel.


1.0 Design Guidelines for Assembly Operations

1.1 Methods and Terminology for Part Assembly

1.2 Guidelines for Spot Welding Operations

1.3 Guidelines for Projection Welding Operations

1.4 Guidelines for MIG Welding Operations

1.5 Guidelines for Self-Piercing Rivets (SPR's)

1.6 Welding Considerations for Different Materials

1.7 Design for Laser Welding in Assembly

1.8 Other Product Design Considerations

1.9 Guidelines for Flanging and Hemming

1.10 Summary

Classroom Exercises

Exercise 1: Choosing Weld Locations for Assembly

Exercise 2: Assembly Terms and Guidelines

Exercise 3: Application for Assembly Guidelines

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