Advanced Stamping Materials

4-Hour Course

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the applications, benefits and guidelines for Advanced Stamping Materials. It will include Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS), Dual Phase and Trip steels. Recommendations for part design with respect to issues related to die maintenance, manufacturing, and welding will be provided.


Product, Design, Process, Manufacturing, Quality, and Tooling Engineers


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Vehicle Safety

1.2 Fuel Economy

1.3 Mass

1.4 The Solution:  Advanced High Strength Steels

1.5 Material Trends

1.6 Material Trends - Body & Closure Content

2.0 Overview of Advanced High Strength Steel

2.1 What is Advanced High Strength Steel

2.2 Typical AHSS Applications

2.3 Comparing AHSS to Mild & Conventional High Strength Steel

2.4 Dual Phase Steel - Microstructure

2.5 Emerging Advanced High Strength Steels

3.0 Advanced High Strength Steel Material Characteristics

3.1 Strength versus Elongation

3.2 Outer Panel Quality –Oil Canning, & Stiffness

3.3 Local Elongation

3.4 Definition of n-value

3.5 FLD – DP Steel

4.0 Design and Manufacturing Considerations

4.1 Springback Control

4.2 Minimizing Local Elongation – Part Design

4.3 Maximizing Performance & Minimizing Wear - Press Requirements

4.4 Additional Manufacturing Considerations

4.5 Successfully Welding AHSS – General Practices