Training Courses

Advanced Formability Analysis

2-Day Course

This course is to provide an understanding of stamping failures through analysis of metallurgical properties and behavior of steel during forming processes. It will provide a detailed review of the latest material grades

Basic Formability

3-Day Course

The objective of this course is to understand the inputs into a stamping operation and how to interpret the results. The effects of parameters such as geometry, material properties, press curves, and binder &

Design Guidelines for Welding & Assembly

1-Day Course

Learn the fundamental design guidelines for Welding and Assembly. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the various types of assembly operations and how to ensure the design specified

Die Sensor Fundamentals

1-Day Course

This course provides a detailed review of the types, application, and manufacturing issues of die sensors. Many examples of die sensors will be used to illustrate how the selection, die variables, and positioning can

Estimating Stampings & Engineering Changes

1-Day Course

Learn the fundamentals for estimating the Material Blank Requirements, Tooling Costs and Engineering Changes for stampings. This course will provide examples of how to determine the material

Process Planning for Transfer & Progessive Dies

2-Day Course

Learn the fundamentals for how a part is processed in Transfer and Progressive Dies. Starting with the product design this course will step the through the considerations and strategy for processing a part.

Stamping & Material Utilization Guidelines for Designers

1-Day Course

The objective of this course is to understand the guidelines for designing formable, material efficient stampings. This course provides many examples of experienced based rules that result in fewer

Stamping Material Cost Optimization

8-Hour Course

The purpose of this course is to provide various approaches to driving down material costs of a stamping through design & process optimization. It will include the methodology for identifying critical design

Surface Contour Evaluation for Class "A" Panels

1-Day Course

This course will provide an understanding of the process and procedure for evaluating surface contour and reflectivity on Class “A” panels. Also included will be trouble shooting methods for counter measuring

Tool & Die Welding & Repair

2-Day Course

(1-Day Classroom & 1-Day Hands-On)

Learn the process for welding and repair of draw, trim/pierce, flange and cam dies. Also to repair defects

Welding Defect Analysis

2-Day Course

Learn how to evaluate parts for welding defects associated with resistance, MIG, and projection welding operations. Students will learn the troubleshooting skills necessary to address weld

Advanced Stamping Materials

1-Day Course

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the applications, benefits and guidelines for Advanced Stamping Materials. It will include Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS),

Circle Grid Analysis

1-Day Course

In this workshop you will learn how to perform and interpret circle grid and thinning strain analysis. Through exercises with actual parts you will be performing hands-on circle grid and thinning

Die Design Fundamentals For Transfer & Progressive Dies

2-Day Course

Learn the inputs, concepts and requirements for design of dies for Transfer & Progressive Die Line-ups. This course provides the thought process & work flow for how a die design is established and the items to

Draw Die Development

2-Day Course

Learn the thought process of how to create a draw development. This course provides the basic rules and concepts needed to understand how to design a draw development for quality stampings.

Manufacturing Tailor Welded Blanks

1-Day Course

Learn the fundamental principals of how to manufacture parts using laser and mash tailor welded blanks. Emphasis will placed on understanding the issues involved from product design to part manufacture.

Progressive Strip Layout Fundamentals

1-Day Course

The objective of this course is to provide the basic rules and concepts to understand the design of a progressive die strip layout. It will cover the thought process for determining the strip layout from the CAD model.

Stamping Fundamentals for Press Shop Operators

1-Day Course

Learn the fundamentals for understanding the components and function of the press and die. You will learn the how a press and die work and how to interpret the stamping produced.

Stamping of Aluminum Panels

1-Day Course

Learn the differences in formability and manufacture of aluminum stampings in comparison to steel stampings. This course provides an overview of the mechanical properties of the various alloys,

The Tryout & Buyoff of Dies

2-Day Course

Learn the thought process and objectives of die tryout & buyoff for draw dies, trim/pierce dies, flange and cam dies & progressive dies. You will learn how to troubleshoot panels from each die type and the

Transfer Curves

1-Day Course

Learn the development, generation, and use of transfer/interference curves for both tri-axis and crossbar systems. Also included is the influence that transfer curves have upon both the process planning

Welding Technology

1-Day Course

Learn the processes and equipment used in resistance (spot) welding. You will review: basic resistance welding, how welds are made, components and mechanics of a welding system, pneumatic and

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