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1 My Excel/PowerPoint reports are not working. How can I fix it?
2 I can't get my license server running. What's wrong?
3 How do I obtain and configure my license for FormingSuite®?
4 How can I create a silent installation for FormingSuite®?
5 Where can I download the latest FlexLM utilities for my server license?
6 What are the best IGES export settings to use in my CAD system?
7 What are the system requirements for FormingSuite®?
8 What can I do if my graphics aren't showing up properly?
9 How do I customize my Excel report template?
10 How can I edit the contents of my HTML report?
11 Where can I find material properties for my material?
12 How do I fix the "License error for solver module"?
13 How come my start menu does not allow me to create a new forming analysis?
14 Does FormingSuite® support Mac or Linux?
15 How do I install FormingSuite®?
16 What is the difference between a server and a nodelocked license?
17 Can the license server run on a virtual machine?
18 What are the differences between FASTBLANK® and FASTFORM® Advanced?
19 FormingSuite is randomly crashing. How can I fix this?
20 Why is my part not skinning properly?
21 How do I transfer my licenses?
22 How do I export a blank from FormingSuite®?
23 How can I move my nodelocked license from one computer to another?
24 How do I request a trial license for FormingSuite®?
25 What is a formingid and how do I determine mine?
26 Where can I download the lmformingid.exe file?
27 My license server is running but the client can't get a license. What's wrong?
28 Why do the HTML report graphics look fuzzy?
29 How do I plot a blank with FormingSuite®?
30 What FlexLM version should I be using for my server license?
31 What does "Date Licensing Error" mean?

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